FileLink vs. the “Big Guys”

So you’re in search of a document storage and information management company. How do you choose? You may be aware of and inadvertently decide on Iron Mountain because it’s a worldwide company with deep pockets. But did you know it uses the same leading records management software and technology, handling processes and security and training as FileLink?

You may be thinking, “But Iron Mountain is a giant. Doesn’t a company’s size matter?” It sure does, but not in the way you would expect.

Iron Mountain, a.k.a. the “Big Guys”

So, is Iron Mountain better just because they’re bigger? For starters, let’s just ask the numerous customers who have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau in the past year.

You’ll discover that being bigger is just an ingredient for increased bureaucracy. These Iron Mountain customers complain of billing issues, complicating simple requests, failing to return calls, 20-30% price increases, extra and excessive fees, and the feeling they are being taken advantage of. Some complaints are from customers attempting to leave Iron Mountain and finding it difficult or next to impossible to do so.

Iron Mountain is a multi-billion-dollar, publicly-traded International corporation that has swallowed up a variety of smaller businesses over its history. The accountability of the company is influenced by stockholders whose primary interest is the “bottom line.”


In sharp contrast, FileLink is a woman-owned local business whose 24 years of success are entirely due to satisfied, returning customers. And what’s so important about working with a local business? These are the things local businesses do better than the Big Guys:

  • They are known to be more accountable to their community and invested in its future.
  • They support local events, sports teams, and charities 250% more than the big guys.
  • They leave a smaller carbon footprint.
  • They provide better levels of service.

By doing business with a local company, you help create jobs for your friends and neighbors and contribute to improving public infrastructure. It just makes sense to invest in your community socially and economically rather than expanding corporate shareholders’ bank accounts.

If your business is in Southeast Louisiana and seeking assistance with document storage, imaging or destruction, consider FileLink. We’re local, woman-owned, and independent. We’d love to chat with you, so give us a call at 504-885-0187.

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